Reflect Architecture


Carefully crafted architecture designed from profound understanding.

What we do:
Architecture is about people. Regardless of a project’s type, scale, or context, our process and our architecture fundamentally starts and ends with people. 

Reflect Architecture’s design method begins with carefully understanding each of our clients’ unique identities.  This ensures that the architecture we design together will create true and lasting value. We start with you: what you are about, why you have hired us, and what the architecture is aiming to accomplish. This understanding becomes the framework for our design method and informs how we will innovate and design architecture with intention – an experience tailored to you. 

A project’s specific site, character, and context are of great interest to us. Having an understanding of where a project fits into a greater cultural lexicon will allow us to consider the big questions during our design process, and will ensure that our architecture is as relevant to you today as it is tomorrow. People and cultures are constantly evolving, so design innovation and considerate architecture requires awareness and intention. This is how we create forward-thinking architecture that carefully reflects your unique identity as well as its respective place.   

Reach out to us and tell us about what you’re imagining. This is where  our architectural experience together begins.

About the Principal. 
Trevor Wallace, OAA, M.Arch, B.Arch.S

After growing up in Toronto, Trevor went on to earn his Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees in architecture from Carleton University. During the course of his studies, Trevor supplemented his education through international architectural exposure that included studying in Spain. This experience provided an invaluable understanding of the connection between architectural spaces and the cultures responsible for their creation. In 2006, Trevor joined Quadrangle Architects where his work included the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s (RAIC) award-winning 130 Bloor Street West luxury condominiums, the NAIOP REX award-winning ‘Office Development of the Year’ 1919 Minnesota Court, project management for a high-profile financial institution as well as several commercial retail endeavors. In addition, Trevor worked to build a consortium with a major developer to strategize and re-think condominium design. In 2009 and 2010 he shared his passion and expertise as a guest critic for the University of Toronto’s second year Masters of Architecture program.

In early 2012 he completed his intern hours and passed his licensing exams receiving his professional accreditation with the Ontario Association of Architects. After a great six years Trevor left Quadrangle to start his own firm, Reflect Architecture.

Since its conception in 2013, his firm, Reflect Architecture, has completed over 30 projects in various sectors including commercial, commercial retail, institutional, and single family residential with many new projects in the design and construction phases. Some of the firm’s work to date has been published in medias such as Toronto Life and the Globe and Mail which featured the revitalization of Toronto’s old Global Village Backpackers into the new Brainstation facility + Quantum Coffee. 


I spent a few years working with Trevor on our 130 Bloor Street West project while he was at Quadrangle Architects. Despite the complex nature of the project, Trevor consistently contributed design insight that was both innovative and contextually considerate. Additionally, his strong organizational and collaborative skills allowed for a positive and professional team experience. I look forward to working with him in the future.

~ Jon Love, Managing Partner, King Sett Capital